Finding A French Property

Where do I start?

Choosing Where To Buy In France

For most people, the idea of owning a property in France starts after having lovely holidays there and that can often be a problem. If you are buying a house in France just for holidays then choosing your area because you have enjoyed being there for a few weeks a year can be fine but it does leave you unaware of all the possibilities that France has to offer. If you are buying for a full-time move then choosing an area based on holiday experiences can be a big mistake. Generally, people need different things from a full-time home to a holiday one. That is where, at Healey Fox, we love to help. We have lived, been educated and worked in many parts of France and can help you to make the right decision about an area which suits all your requirements.

Selecting French Properties To Buy

Having helped you choose the area we can then help you to find the location and house that will be right for you. Over the years that we have been in the business, we have unfortunately come to know many people who have chosen the wrong area, location or house and have failed to make the life they had hoped for in France. When we house hunt in our own country we know roughly what to expect from seeing details of properties but that is not the case when you search for a house in a foreign country. Most people are amazed at how their expectations of what they will see when they choose a house online are not met. By listening to your needs carefully we can help you select houses to view that will meet your expectations.

Arranging To View Properties

Once the area and type of house is chosen we will make appointments with our Anglo-French registered partner agents who will show you properties that suit your specification. We can make multiple appointments for you with our partner agents as in most areas we have agents close together, covering similar areas but each a little different.

Having made your appointments with one or more of our partner agents the fun really begins. Details of what to expect from your viewing trip can be found at “your viewing trip”.

The French Buying Process​

What happens when I decide to buy?

Most clients take the decision to buy while they are in France but you don’t have to. Wherever and whenever you decide to buy a property shown to you by a Healey Fox partner agent you will need to discuss the purchase with the agent. You may want to ask their help to negotiate the price or other matters concerned with the property. The agent will go through all matters requiring consideration with you and will act on your behalf to sort out any issues affecting your proposed purchase.

It is important that any matters which you feel would adversely affect your decision to buy the property are addressed before you sign the first contract. This is where the experience of a good agent is vital, you need to know you are working with someone experienced and with good local knowledge.

At Healey Fox we love to hear that you have found a house you want to buy so please keep in touch with us and should there be any matters that you feel we can help with at this stage, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  However, generally throughout the purchasing process the agent will be your most knowledgeable contact. Comprehensive details about the legal process can be found here inlegal

Finally it's yours

Hopefully you will be able to be at the Notaire’s office for the signing of the final contract. It is normal for the seller to be present as well and is a good opportunity to find out little stories about the house and its previous occupants. If you cannot be present the Notaire will have arranged for you to sign a Power of Attorney in advance (make sure you let the Notaire know as soon as possible if you can’t be present) allowing a Clerk in his or her office to sign on your behalf. Once the contract is signed you will be given the keys to your new home. The Notaire or agent will have sorted out the transfer of the services and the insurance to your name (make sure they have your UK address if the property is for holidays only) and you can head off to make your first cup of tea in your new home in France.

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